Dj Gzas - Vinyl Sampled Beat with Akai MPC X

ΑποκωδικοποιητήΣυνείδησης – Τετ, 26 Απρ. 20:32, 571 αναγνώσεις

Yo, welcome to a new video of my beatmaking series.

I'll start off with the basics. finding the sample, chopin etc. and previewing the final beat
This Episode i used 2 samples from vinyl to make the beat and finished with some scratches

Purpose of these videos is to share my workflow and ideas with other producers, discuss new ideas, learn and push my self to do more and more work.I hope you enjoyed my video! Stay tuned for more.



diver – Τετ, 26 Απρ. 23:47


Ασχετο, θα κανουμε κανα beatbattle
το soundtrack των μεγαλουπόλεων!


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