DJ Muggs – Notes & Tones (2023)

ΑποκωδικοποιητήΣυνείδησης – Πεμ, 9 Μαρ 23, 22:30, 2426 αναγνώσεις
01. Notes & Tones Intro
02. What Planet
03. Liquid Diamonds
04. Notes & Tones, Skulls & Bones
05. It’s Spring Again
06. Third Planet
07. Space Is The Place
08. There Are Other Worlds
09. Who’s Your God
10. His Story
11. Quiet Ecstasy
12. Nebula
13. Rocket To Venus
14. Time Is An Illusion

Notes & Tones – the wine: 2020 vintage - 90% Tocai Friulano/10% Trebbiano old vine grapes from Fox Hill Vineyard in Mendocino County.

Notes & Tones – the album: produced by DJ Muggs, made with samples from Sun Ra.

Inspiration: Art Taylor / Stanko Radikon / Xavier Caillard

Following the launch of our Holy Ghost wine and record pairing, we have teamed up with California’s Broc Cellars and its winemaker Chris Brockway for Notes and Tones.

Deep natural wine meets deep jazz and rap samples on vinyl.


kwstassketo – Πεμ, 9 Μαρ 23, 22:34

an kai de polugoustarw beattapes tha tsekarw. Shout out se Ayi Lerta aka kerasforo theo patriwti gia to ekswfullo

Orphic Boys.


Άληστος – Σαβ, 11 Μαρ 23, 14:22

Είναι ωραίος ο μαγκζ, το δουλεύει, επαγγελματίας και γουστοζος και με άποψη.

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music1 – Σαβ, 11 Μαρ 23, 14:35

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