klwnaridhskokkinakhs – Τετ, 27 Απρ. 11:50, 117 αναγνώσεις

beat the pedos beat the commies, there aint anymore homies, i wanna leave from athens drink whiskey and read comics live in my own in a vintage home take a piss like a fascist from rome then take a nap and a xanax tab

Alcoholics Tottenham


Κουνελόσυρμα – Τετ, 27 Απρ. 17:39

yo take this
I come from Chicago greektown str8 back to the Athens
I should find the way to earn the effort n that's got a suspence
Get off the shit and listen my brotha carefull to me
All the g's out there the only they waiting is your fail to see

Now the world is ruined by a new order
poverty. war and everywhere you go there is a boarder
So hurry up, make now yo small to come across your dream
there is no time to losing time, get up and become their pimp

φιτο γλαστρα νοτμςεο 2
.an 8elis na apola pezei k aspro

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