Aesop Rock - The Gates (Official Video)

ΑποκωδικοποιητήΣυνείδησης – Πεμ, 10 Σεπ. 11:35, 121 αναγνώσεις

Written and produced by Aesop Rock
Additional instrumentation by Grimace Federation

I was at the Gates, ram’s legs, my pizza black, my plants dead, my planet X, I might bleed green, I’m what’s under the un-cut chia seed, I’m “what what what what” from the guillotine, a little flea and tick, a little fever dream, a little plead the fifth, roadkill, I’m off leash, I don’t heel, and I’m hung from an unkind mobile, it turn one misstep into bonemeal, look, daybreak, I’m lights out, my kind sleeps upside down, it’s sci-fi, red tide, my “Hi” and “Bye” make record time, I go 3,2,1, desensitize, no lie, tell death he could get in line, K, hell spawn, I’m no joke, I eat brains, I throw bolts, I know easy prey, I seen broken oaths, I go marching in, I’m all “Oh-eeee-Oh”, I know a rodeo from these pony shows, I don’t stay for tea, I can’t slow the code, I go, coyote, alone and ghost, I’m in the god damn smoke, ear, nose, and throat, ayo, fresh pot, my favorite mug, Aes Rock, my day sucked, agent of all things deep-sixed, I feel like I was put here to keep the crypt, I get tired of bread, I might eat the rich, I ain’t seen a leader, just feeder fish, you want free weed, you want free shit, I mean dude…
I was at the gates, wolf’s head, my boots on, no bullshit, I know both sides of that tough love, they’re both mud, that’s what’s up, I was at the gates, snake skin, my hood low, don’t say shit, I know both sides of that bloodlust, they’re both mud, that’s what’s up
Rat tail, my backdrop’s all black sails, dog bite and my bird curse, cross-eyed, “world’s worst”, troglodyte, I might split the blinds, I’m like Vincent Van with that instant rice, I write cryptograms at all waking hours, I tattoo the mail and all paper towels, I’m on the kitchen walls, I may paint the house, it could breach the yard, it’s omega-bound, game face on dour days, y’all gang gang’s like “how quaint”, gang way for that false start vs freight trains through stalled cars, shame, shame, shit’s so wack, show you back to this moth jar, deathwish from day one, I wake up and it rain blood, raincheck these fuck shows, I’m dunzo, my brain’s mush, drum roll I might piss straight, loose tooth in my spit shake, every possible futurama come trooping outta his pill case, and I ricochet in my steel cage, one still heart and 2 hill’s eyes, a few meal bars, a good field knife, I feel good, no field guide, just deicide by tea at five, once ate a whole glue stick, in like 2 bites, I do this, I mean yo...
Bear paw, my handshake, oh dear god, bare bones, a few air holes, bare foot, my square glows, scarecrows, who goes there, and like who’s where when that snare close, bare hands on this bear trap for what’s staring back in his periscope, a little care package, out of Where’s Waldo, in a rare beige, no fair at all, dyed hair and all, push wood, I go mach 1, I’m all “whoosh whoosh”, I don’t pussyfoot, I make potholes, my path home is all drop zones, flash bulbs and strobe lights, road signs with crossbones, touché from our kill joys, who know humanoids are just hit points, ain’t cop that new heat, that newspeak’s all pink noise, I’m more mood piece around street food, in my PJs and my snow shoes, about dog fights in those dungeons and lil’ dust-ups in y’alls throne room, it’s fun stuff, low moon and my tombstone say “hell no”, hell yea to more hail storms aboard ships on St. Elmo’s, my dream home has like 10,000 deadbolts, and less than no windows, I mean shit...


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eprepe na perasoun kamia 15 xronia karieras gia na apofasiseis na pataei se pio accessibe beats alla apo tote kai sto eksis exei ginei poly pio proseggisimos san kallitexnis

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