Vinnie Paz "I Am The Chaos" - Official Video

ΑποκωδικοποιητήΣυνείδησης – Δευ, 10 Φεβ. 22:21, 257 αναγνώσεις

From Vinnie Paz's "As Above So Below" LP. Pre-order:

Album Out 2.14.20.

Song Produced by Vic Grimes for Crate Divizion.
Video Directed and Edited by Jimmy Giambrone


Mastermind – Τρι, 11 Φεβ. 14:17

akoma iparxi o pustis bravo

Pat – Τετ, 12 Φεβ. 11:04

Vinnie P on tha Mic !!!!
Dope !!!

"...Fuck your chain, my people will kill you for water
Fuck fans nigga, I got soldiers supporters
Pat@ Ya Biaatchezzz!! .... ** Immortal Technique **

Άληστος – Τετ, 12 Φεβ. 23:30

Vinnie με Benny να γίνει 4ος παγκοσμιος

Ἂληστος official site
Ἂληστος fb

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