Griselda Records Debut Album on Shady Records - November 29 2019

ΑποκωδικοποιητήΣυνείδησης – Δευ, 25 Νοε 19, 21:54, 355 αναγνώσεις

The highly touted Buffalo New York underground rap champions Griselda have announced their long-awaited Shady Records debut LP WWCD for this Friday, November 29th.

The album will feature Eminem, 50 Cent, Raekwon The Chef and more...

Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher, the core of Griselda, have been three of the most prolific artists of the ladder half of the past decade with a rap acumen and grind that brought them from the streets of Buffalo; to cosigns and deals with two of the biggest and most important rappers of all time; a Shady Records label deal and now involvement with Roc Nation Management.


kwstassketo – Τρι, 26 Νοε 19, 01:33

ithela wsg/conway feat 50 cent edw kai kairo.+ to raekwon feature sto flygod is an awesome god den itan verse opote anipomonw na akousw kai auto.O em den marese katholou sto feat pou dwse ston conway alla eimai hyperarismenos gia to project.

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