AFEZZ x ΣΑΙΚΟ This is the real

ΑποκωδικοποιητήΣυνείδησης – Πεμ, 8 Αυγ. 20:48, 188 αναγνώσεις

Produced and written by AFEZZ
Scratches by Σαικο

“Developing the brain, always measure the aim, feeling pleasant in the present things could never be the same.”

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ayto ayto ayto – Σαβ, 10 Αυγ. 12:43

Shit is real !

X to the D to the C!

Αραλύκοι – Τετ, 14 Αυγ. 00:39

Μπράβο μενζ

Πολύ ωραία σκατίλα

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