psycho realm - forget the faces (lyrics)

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dont talk about crimes that you saw
you dont want to get mixed in the war
hell, you are crazy if you think there could ever be peace
with the streets and the police
forget about the faces you saw
this inflicts the casualties of war
hell, you are crazy if you think there could ever be peace
with the streets and the police

[Big Duke]

wicked smilling, illuminate the stage right before the raping ballad
lyrically an assassin, dashing when the cops feel they crashing
shot, kill, play tearial slash, who am i should blast? L.A. pigs that are rats
hands in the bag, pull a fat stash from the pocket and i higher than a NASA rocket
black and white as you shake to pray, fuck around and live the next day
when im rolling in the streets of the huero window down like a pero
entering the dragon belly, fucking police wanna fade me


[Sick Jacken]
the thrill is gone from childhood to surviving rough neighborhoods
from shatter innocence to militants for instance may become deliquents
caught up in a realm of smoke like a stick of burning insence
smelling the aromas of death and its evident, your life is in his hands
your faith in god is irrelevant, if he decides to pull the trigger or to not
if he decides to tank, take your bank ????
you best throw this episode nothing you can do
cause every criminal is from the same crew
and the cops dont give a fuck about you either
they look at gang activity and play-follow the leader
temptation rules over for drugs and money
your blood goes colder now you are the metal piece holder


as riksw ena ban


etze – Κυρ, 10 Ιουλ 11, 01:13

much love to my man Mutley

as riksw ena ban

ΝτοZ – Κυρ, 10 Ιουλ 11, 01:57

fuck tha police coming straight from the underground...

etze – Παρ, 23 Μαρ 12, 16:26

διορθωθηκαν καποια λαθη στο ρεφρεν

as riksw ena ban

χομπίστας – Παρ, 23 Μαρ 12, 16:37


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